What is vibration technology?

Vibration technology works by allowing the body to naturally react to an oscillating motion, similar to a see-saw. The motion forces the body to stabilize using its core muscles when both the right and left sides of the vibration plate move up and down.

Helps tone and strengthen muscles
When your muscles contract as the vibration plate moves, they tighten and firm up.

Reduces cellulite
The Vibra Fit helps burn calories and fat – faster. Ten minutes a day is equal to one hour of intense exercise.

Boosts blood circulation and metabolism
By using different speeds on the Vibra Fit, you can increase your blood circulation, metabolism and take control of your cardiovascular health.

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Getting started on the Vibra Fit is easy.

It's as simple as plugging it in and using the exercise positions you already know to get the maximum impact.

Show Me Exercises

Olympians only train with the best.

Now you can too. In this DVD, Olympic skier, Julia Murray helps you get the most out of your Vibra Fit from setting up your machine to fat-burning beginning and intermediate exercises.

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